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Hello, Fashion Bloggers


Do you own a fashion blog? Do you love taking photos of your outfits and showing them off online? Fashion Frenzzie has a fashion blogger program waiting for you! Check out the details below and let us know if you’re the one we’re looking for.


If you’re someone who owns a fashion blog, has a multitude of followers via your social media accounts and loves to show off your style online, then you may qualify in our fashion blogger program.


Once you get accepted, we may send you free clothes ranging from $50 - $200 every month and you need to promote our products by posting it on your Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Lookbook.nu, etc.


It’s easy! Send an email introducing yourself to blogger@fashionfrenzzie.com and be sure to include some basic information regarding your social media platform(s) in accordance with the qualifications listed below.


In order to join the program, you must be:

- An established blogger with more than 2000 followers in your official blog (via Bloglovin’ or Google Friend) or at least 10,000 followers within one of your social networking platform (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc)

- You must be at least 15 years old

- Only female fashion bloggers are allowed to join this program

- You have a taste for fashion and are influential in your blog space

- Must use clear, high resolution pictures


Once you receive the products from Fashion Frenzzie, you will need to promote the items within 7 - 15 days. You need to be able to wear the items and show them off by publishing it in your online platforms. Please do not forget to link back the items to their appropriate product page, or just link it directly to www.fashionfrenzzie.com.


Fashion Frenzzie reserves the right to collect several photos from your blog and/or posts for promotional purposes only. Please email us right away once you have published the products on your online platforms. In case there is a delay in delivery with your products, you will need to clarify this with the customs in your country. We do not assume your import customs.

If you have any questions regarding our fashion blogger program, don’t hesitate to send us a message! We will gladly let you know more about it. Stay stylish, ladies!


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